The Essential Guide to Buying Packaging

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Alfred boxes by Georgette Packaging

Building an empire means paying attention to details, being strategic, and demanding that every aspect of your brand and business is not just good, but incredible. We’ll help you on your journey to elevate your business. We have expertise on every aspect of the packaging process, and understand what it takes to create iconic packaging for iconic brands.

For outside-the-box strategies tailored to your business, book a consultation with one of our packaging experts.

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Here are the areas that we will provide expert advice on. Consider this your checklist for all things packaging!

Packaging Checklist

Branding and Design

  • - Do you need to hire someone to design your packaging?
  • - What’s your design budget?
  • - What bakeries or coffee shops do you aspire to?
  • - What is your aesthetic? How will you ensure your packaging maintains it? 
  • - What are the current design trends?
  • - How will you make your brand stand out and gain recognition through your packaging?

Shipping and Logistics

  • - Is there room at your current facility to store your new packaging, or will you need to find warehousing?
  • - How will you research and find the right distributor for you?
  • - Will you need weekly or monthly deliveries?
  • - Do you have multiple franchises? How will you organize shipping to them?
  • - How much inventory do you tend to go through per month? How frequently will you need to re-order?

Social Media Marketing

  • -What is your customer base like? How do they interact with social media?
  • - What is going to encourage customers to take photos of your brand and market for you?
  • - Do you have a space or wall that is highly photographable?
  • - How can you increase engagement with your new branded packaging?
  • - What aesthetic do the majority of your customers gravitate towards?
  • - How will your products photograph inside your packaging?
  • - How will your products compliment your packaging, and vice versa?

Packaging Development

  • - Do you need a packaging audit to make your packaging work more efficiently for you?
  • - Are you using the right box sizes for your products? Are you using too few sizes, or too many?
  • - Does your product require a special type of board? (ice cream board, grease resistant, etc).
  • - What do you want your packaging to say about your product?
  • - How can you make your new packaging intuitive and easy to use for your staff members? For your customers?

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Photo by Alfred Coffee