How Financing Can Save You Thousands of Dollars

Thursday, May 03, 2018

Piggy banks, saving money with financing

We think financing gets a bad rap. The fact is, most people don't understand the power of financing. Becoming one of the few people who do understand it might be the best thing you do for your bank account all month! We have 3 examples to show you, taken straight from real customer quotes, with savings between $7,000 and $23,000. (Yes, we really meant it when we said you can save thousands of dollars).

Buying your packaging in large quantities means incredibly discounted unit costs. It's sort of like buying your groceries at Costco, minus the membership fees. We really wanted to offer these incredible savings to businesses of all sizes, so we developed a financing plan that enables our customers to purchase in large quantities. Manage your cash flow with consistent monthly payments, avoid large upfront costs, and save enough extra dough to jet off to Fiji for your next vacation. What's not to love? (Okay, so the $ you save will probably be invested right back into your awesome business, but isn't it more fun to daydream about crystal blue waters)?

Take a peek at the full breakdown, using real customer quotes and examples, right below. (Pst - you can click on the image below to view it as a PDF).

 Georgette Packaging Financing Plan

Why is the Unit Cost Changing?

Great question! Basically, because of the order size. To make a long story short, it costs the factory less to make packaging in large quantities. That's why the unit cost in Order #1, for example, is able to drop so drastically from $3.33 to $0.94 for the exact same boxes! It's the not-so-secret reason that financing large orders helps our customers save so much money.

Key Takeaways and Benefits

- Using financing to place large orders can save you between 15-25% - we've even seen customers who are able to save as much as 69%!

- Across all the examples we crunched numbers for, customers saved an average of $8,447.30!

- Minimize your upfront costs with a smaller deposit. 

- Increase financial stability with consistent monthly payments - essentially paying for the product as you use it!

- tl;dr - save tons of money by financing one large order, compared to placing several small orders!

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