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Friday, July 21, 2017

salty donut box instagram branding packaging4 marketing moves that work for Georgette brands


1. Post photos of your beautiful branded packaging on social media.  Posting photos on your social media accounts might sound obvious, but we’ve learned how important it is for companies to set the example for their customers.  For every business-generated photo, customers will post 10 pictures of your branded packaging in return.  An average of 1287 people will see every client Instagram photo (which now has your branding in it!). That’s equivalent to $90 of Facebook advertising per pic.  Not bad for a plastic cup.


2. Ditch the stickers and stamps.  If you haven’t done so already, step away from the stickers and stamps. It may not seem like a difference maker, but we found that just two weeks after switching from stamped coffee cups to custom printed, #madewithgeorgette cups, cafes had an average of 28% more customer Instagram posts overall, and an incredible 205% increase in Instagram posts containing their branding.  The conclusion: give your customers something branded to photograph.  They're much more excited to market for you with a beautifully printed cup than a smudgy, off-angle logo on a white cup.


3. #Hashtag.  Use your hashtag like it’s about to be banned, and your customers will start doing the same.  When a bakery or cafe customer posts a photo and tags you, there’s a 40% chance that your brand will be visible in the photo if you have branded packaging.  If you don’t have branded packaging, that number drops to 17%.  Ergo: branded cups will work a lot harder for you than the advertisement you just paid for. 


4. Start with a bang. Marketing shouldn't be a "down the road" thing.  Start building your brand right now and invest in the marketing tools your business needs to thrive.  We've helped lots of bakeries and cafes launch with branded packaging, and here's what we've learned: comparing the 6 weeks before businesses launched their branded boxes, and the 6 weeks after, total customer Instagram posts increased by 33%.  The number of posts with their branding visible in the picture increased by 1320%.  Branded packaging isn't a luxury; it's a fundamental necessity for your brand's success.


How did we find these numbers?  Our amazing researcher, Laura, tracked and aggregated our customer data.  We found the answers so that you have the information you need to make strategic decisions & grow your business.  Got questions?  Ask me anything: sarah@georgettepackaging.com.  [ Photo by the Salty Donut of their custom 6 donut box, made by Georgette Packaging. ]