Think Outside The Box

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Georgette founder and CEO, Sarah Landstreet and Georgette consultant, Amanda Park

It’s not just your packaging that hustles hard for you every day; your consultants at Georgette do, too. We want to be the most useful number on your speed dial. Your go-to. We’ll provide solutions for all the logistical nightmares and packaging pain points that keep you up at night.

Book a time to chat with us! Let’s make your business better. It’s time for you to see firsthand the difference that expert consultation can make.

Book a Consultation- Georgette Packaging

Getting the most out of your packaging sometimes means thinking outside the box. Here are the areas that we can provide expert, 1-on-1 consultation in.


  • -Packaging audits
  • -Packaging development from conception to prototyping

Shipping and Logistics

  • -Warehousing and storage
  • -Shipping and distribution
  • -Franchise distribution
  • -Inventory management

Social Media Marketing

  • -Differentiating your product
  • -Increasing social media engagement
  • -Social media audits to leverage branded packaging
  • -Analyzing marketing and ad spend

Branding and Design

  • -Introductions to designers within our network
  • -Identifying design trends
  • -Developing brand recognition


If you have any other questions related to your packaging, don't hesitate to ask. We promise we don't bite - we're Canadian, after all. Give us a ring toll-free at 1-800-854-7770!