6 Macaron Box (White)
12 Macaron Box (White)
Cupcake Inserts (White)
2 Cupcake Box (White)
4 Cupcake Box (White)
6 Cupcake Box (White)
12 Cupcake Box (White)
6 Truffle Box (White)
12 Truffle Box (White)
8x8x8" Cake Box (White)
10x10x8" Cake Box (White)
Favour Box (White)
Pint Ice Cream Box (White)
1 Cupcake Box (White Cross pattern)
6 Cupcake Box (White Cross pattern)
1 Cupcake Box (Delft pattern)
1 Cupcake Box (Kraft)
1 Cupcake Box (Navy Cross pattern)
10x10x8" Cake Box (Kraft)
12 Macaron Box (Kraft)
6 Cupcake Box (Navy Cross pattern)
6 Truffle Box (Kraft)
6 Macaron Box (Pantone Warm Red)
Our customers love our branded packaging, it proves to be a source of conversation while they are in the store and once they leave. It helps to bring new customers in when they see our cute bags working their way through town. Branded packaging is great because we can (and intend to) keep adding more items to our packaging plus we can always keep our logo but change the graphic or color to keep it fresh! I would most definitely recommend Georgette to anyone who asked. This is my first foray into branded packaging and Georgette made it so easy, walked us through the whole process working both directly with us and our graphic designer. It truly could not have been an easier process. Learn more