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Whoever said "never judge a book by its cover" was definitely onto something, but probably didn't understand the power of great packaging design. Don't get us wrong: what's on the inside counts for a lot. But like most things in life, it's all about balance. Perfect harmony. You know, eat the chocolate now, work out next week... that kind of thing.

Our goal is to bring your packaging visions to life and help you build an iconic, unforgettable brand. Good design helps you increase your sales and profitability through increased brand perception, brand recognition, and social media engagement. That's why finding a designer who "gets" your brand, and has experience on similar projects, feels a bit like winning the lottery. We've built connections with some truly fantastic designers, and we can't wait to introduce you. See a style that catches your eye? Click on "Portfolio," "Instagram," or a photo to see more of their work!

Mitchel Hunt

Mitchel Hunt specializes in typeface, layout, and clean design. His designs are distinctive, sleek, and eye-catching.

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Claudia Bertilsson

Claudia is a multidisciplinary designer who specializes in creating designs that employ contrast and balance to showcase your brand’s personality. Her hand drawn illustrations and use of typography are suited to telling fun, rich stories.

Claudia Bertilsson Portfolio Claudia Bertilsson Instagram

Public Office

Public Office is a female-led creative studio shaking things up with new ways of working and thinking for today’s evolving market landscape.

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Jeff Bull

Jeff Bull excels at interpreting what his clients want, and making something from nothing. He is an expert at combining multiple ideas and opinions to make something greater, and challenges clients and customers alike to think about their brand in different ways.


Insite Design

Insite Design specializes in branding overhauls, such as package redesign. They have worked with brands like Dillon's, Greenhouse Juice, and Earth Fresh Foods.

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Chad Roberts Design

Chad Roberts is the designer to go to if you're looking to invest in a full rebranding, including custom font building. His designs are hand-drawn and intricate.

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