Packaging Strategy

History of Packaging.

Throughout history, there have been ground-breaking businesses that saw an opportunity to take their products to the next level with completely innovative packaging, and seized it. Businesses headed by revolutionary thinkers who specialized in thinking outside the box. Think about the brands you gravitate towards the most, and what draws you to them. Likely they have memorable, unique packaging that you can instantly call to mind, maybe an iconic box that you’ve held onto. You want to be that brand. Take for example the Smith Brothers, who were the first to package their cough drops in trademarked, branded boxes in 1872, giving their customers a brand to be loyal to. Or, the robin’s egg blue box of Tiffany and Co., so internationally recognized that this particular shade of blue is now named after the luxury jewelry company. These highly coveted boxes are recognized around the world as a symbol of elegance and sophistication.

CC Brian Solis, flickr

Both of these companies were ahead of the game, and brought something fresh to their packaging. Emulate that innovative mindset. Sit down and think critically about your history, values, and the story you want to tell. Have frank conversations about the direction you want to take with your business, and how you’re going to propel yourself forward. We have expertise in thinking strategically about packaging, branding, and everything in between. Let’s build your empire.

Why Packaging is Important.

Your packaging is the first thing customers see when they purchase your product. It’s a little piece of your brand they can feel, photograph, pass around, and interact with. It adds to their whole experience of your brand in a vital way. Packaging is perception. It is understanding, aesthetic, experience, and communication device, rolled into one. When your packaging looks incredible, it’s as much of a draw as your products are.

Particularly when it comes to retail, food, and drink, it is vital to remember that you’re never selling only a product- you’re selling an entire experience. The companies that stay firmly planted over the years understand this. They are backed by revolutionaries, extraordinary and inspiring people who are intentional with every action, and know how to lead the charge. They understand how to provide a canvas for their customers, beautiful backdrops that pop up again and again on social media, generating excitement. They recognize that, to be at the forefront of anything astonishing, it’s not enough to simply encase your products- you need to gift wrap them. Make something that people the world over covet, and get excited about unwrapping. Never be content with creating something ordinary. Make every aspect of your brand extraordinary, breathtaking, visionary. Build it, and they will come.

Alfred boxes by Georgette PackagingPhoto: Alfred Coffee

The Packaging Landscape.

The retail landscape is constantly evolving. Successful restaurateurs and entrepreneurs are highly adaptive, and have learned the art of swinging with the punches. Right now is an incredibly unique time, largely due to the emergence and popularity of Instagram. People have never been so willing to spend their morning putting together a stunning, carefully crafted flat lay that features your product and branding. Their morning project results in your brand being shared with their hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of followers. Don’t be pleasantly surprised by this exposure- plan for it. You don’t do business by accidentally stumbling into the things that work. You strategize, test and re-test, and do your time in the trenches. Put things into the world that you know will be shared.

Put Your Packaging to Work.

Packaging strategy means thinking of your thousands of followers as extensions of your marketing department. Genuine brand ambassadors who will be the strongest spokespeople your brand can have. It means being intentional about the story you’re telling, and aware of how people will fall in love with and build a loyalty for your brand. Provide a “photographable” element that perfectly encapsulates what you have to offer, and appeals strongly and inimitably to your target audience. Be willful.

Fools and Horses Coffee cups by Georgette PackagingCustomer photos of Fools + Horses Coffee

We’re unique in the world of packaging because we care deeply about the entire packaging process, and make it our mission to optimize every single aspect. We refuse to create bland, boring, or ordinary. We’ll delve into cheeky prints, eye-catching foils, upcoming trends, packaging audits, accessing influencers, distribution methods, logistics providers, incredible design, “Instagrammability,” and more. Think of us like your personal trainer, minus the dreaded sit-ups. If you’re strong-spirited, wilfully opinionated, and dedicated to being at the forefront of your industry, we’ll help you get there.

Start Strategizing.

At the end of the day, packaging strategy means putting your packaging to work. Thinking outside the box. Committing to nothing less than extraordinary when it comes to every element of your business. When you collaborate with Georgette on your packaging, you’re getting much more than just a product - you’ll have a dedicated packaging consultant that will hustle hard to make sure your packaging is doing everything that it can for you. Learn more about the packaging strategies your business needs by booking your first 20 minute consultation.

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