About Georgette

Sarah Landstreet Georgette Packaging


is to create unforgettable packaging for ambitious brands: the packaging you need to accelerate growth, communicate value and character, and capture your audience’s imagination.  Whether you’re planning a powerful launch, building at a rapid-fire pace, or focused on remaining at the top of your game - while being coveted and emulated by the competition - you’ve come to the right place.

We bring clarity to navigating a highly technical, opaque industry, and build wholistic, intelligent, and purposeful packaging solutions bespoke to your organization’s requirements.  Your current challenge could involve designing your city’s most Instagram-worthy coffee cup, ramping up manufacturing capacity to keep up with your torrential growth, or managing cash flow and logistics - regardless, we know how to help. Our services include connecting you with the designers behind the most iconic packaging in North America, being creative with manufacturing solutions, and ensuring that your packaging is a major contributor to your marketing strategy. To us, branded packaging is all about creating connections; placing something beautiful and elegantly crafted in the hands of your customers, and inspiring them to do the selling for you. It means optimizing your marketing spend by turning a necessary item into something truly breathtaking that turns heads.


We work with Sprinkles Cupcakes (creator of the cupcake atm), the Peninsula Hotel Group (the world’s leading small luxury hotel group), Doughnut Plant (creator of the original artisanal doughnut), and Alfred Coffee (with locations from Beverly Hills to Tokyo). 70% of packaging is made for the food and beverage industry, which is why you’ll see a lot of focus on this industry across our pages.  We also work with athletic brands, cannabis lifestyle companies, and clothing firms, to name a few. Our packaging intel doesn’t stop at the coffee shop door.

The common theme among the companies we work with is ambition. These successful businesses are headed by individuals who understand the power of marketing and building an unforgettable experience for customers, and recognize the value of clever and stunning design.


We manufacture in Canada, the United States, and China, in order of priority. We believe in supporting our local manufacturing sector. Plus, it often makes the most financial and logistical sense. We choose manufacturing partners that are careful, highly skilled in the art of printing, treat their staff well, and work with us to make their craftsmanship more and more accessible and easy to understand. We have a large tooling library available to our customers, but most of our work is custom sizes and items, engineered from the ground up.


I started the first cupcake bakery in Northern Ireland, but my background is as a mechanical engineer. I’ve worked at a radio telescope on top of a volcano, for entrepreneurial strategy firms in Haiti and Rwanda, and in one of London England’s top renewable technology & sustainability consulting firms. This has given me a deep understanding of the challenges and potential for collaboration and growth between the two sectors we flank, and a strong desire to double down on strengthening that partnership.

To that end, I spent the first year of Georgette (2013) based at a packaging manufacturing facility. I ran 100-year-old die-cutting machines, scooped great vats of ink into the presses, did 20-hour-long press approval shifts, gave chemical baths to many of the printing plates used for our customers’ boxes, visited paper suppliers, caught boxes coming off the folder-gluer and packed them into cartons, negotiated shipping rates, did prepress technical checks, learned estimation, rode in the transport truck for days on end… I literally did every job I could at the factory.

Based on this background and expertise developed over the years, I’ve built an incredibly knowledgeable and caring team that knows the industry inside and out, has seen what works for some of the most successful brands in North America, and would love to help you build something truly iconic.