Branded Packaging Types

It is without surprise that for a large number of our customers, and their innovative, high quality products, they find that they don't always fit into the traditional box (pun intended). So, based on their feedback and our industry knowledge, we developed an array of unique to Georgette products and sizes with those needs in mind. Custom doesn't just mean branded! No more trying to squish into a space where you don't quite fit 

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Paperboard boxes


Paperboard Boxes - Georgette Packaging

Corrugated boxes

Corrugated Boxes Georgette Packaging


Hot beverage cups

Hot Cups Georgette Packaging

Cold beverage cups

Cold Cups - Georgette Packaging

Paper handle bags + pastry bags + bread bags

Paper Bags - Georgette Packaging

Wax paper + tissue paper

Wax/Tissue Paper - Georgette Packaging

Coffee sleeves

georgette coffee sleeves

Ice cream boxes + scoop cups

Ice Cream Packaging - Georgette Packaging

Reusable Bags + Coffee Pouches

Interested in custom branded packaging, but don't see the packaging type you're looking for here? Contact us with a request - we'll let you know if it's something we can help with!