Join our Packaging Pool Party!

It's a packaging (pool) party and you're all invitedSay aloha to the Georgette Packaging Poolour most accessible option for buying packaging!

    • Splashy new packaging at the most affordable price
    • Save approx. 30% compared to individual orders
    • Low MOQ (only 5,000 units) 
    • Only a 10% deposit required to join the party

Here’s how it works: anytime you order branded packaging, there are price breaks or volume discounts. This means that the more units your order, the lower your unit costs will be. This is great news for the large businesses who need (and can afford) high volumes of packaging, but what about the small-mid size businesses who want to look cute and keep their bank account afloat?

pool party

Georgette Packaging was built with the belief that great looking packaging is a necessity that all businesses should have access to, and our Packaging Pool is an extension of that belief. It’s our most accessible offering yet, where we’ll pool together multiple orders of a specific box size to achieve an incredible price break - without a crazy high order volume requirement. It’s like ordering 5,000 boxes at a 50,000 unit price point. Not bad, right? 

When you sign up below, we’ll send you updates on our scheduled Packaging Pool runs.

Now all we need is you (and all of your friends) to jump in and start soaking up the savings.